Connecticut Democratic Party Resource Hub.


Welcome to the Connecticut Democrats website!

We are not the official website of the Connecticut Democratic Party, instead we are a small group of dedicated democrats who want to give you the resources you need to register as a democratic in our great state and get yourself ready to vote in the coming election!

Democrats and Jobs:

With the election coming up this November, we wanted to remind you about some State and Federal job-creation programs that have directly created jobs here in Connecticut already. Through various initiatives there are now:

Get To Know Districts in Connecticut:

This month we’re focusing on two towns in CT: Middletown and Wethersfield. Each town is truly steeped in history! If you will be travelling to Connecticut anytime soon you should review this offers page to save on hotels and airfare. You can also click here for discounted room rates.

How to Register to Vote:

We have a comprehensive step by step guide to help unregistered voters register in the state of Connecticut. Remember the more voter turnout, the better the Democrats tend to do!
Read our Guide here.

Want to Contact Your Representative in Washington DC?

We have a list of all the current democratic party Congressmen and Senators, as well as all the ways you can contact them today (including social media!).

Read our full list of Representatives here.