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About Middletown

Middletown ct
A city in the state of Connecticut, Middletown is located in the Middlesex County, directly parallel to the Connecticut River, situated in the central region of Connecticut. It’s definitely chilly in the winters: you may need some outerwear coupons to buy some winter jackets when you come visit.

The city is 16 miles directly south from Hartford. Middletown, which was previously known by Mattabesek, a name give to it by the native Indians, it was also incorporated in the very same name. The name of the town changed to Middletown in 1653. Upon the establishment of the town, Middletown was made as a part of Hartford County on the May of 1666.

But in 1784, it was declared the central settlement becomes city district from within the town. They both were incorporated as a part of the newly established Middlesex County back in 1785. However, in 1923, Middletown was then brought together in a single whole with the Town, which ended up extensively expanding the city’s limits.
Middletown was initially a bustling sailing port, but it evolved into becoming a core industrial center. The city has now become a robust residential area with the downtown developed as an exciting district where you can shop at a plethora of retail stores, indulge in some fine dining and entertain yourself. The downtown is located near the Wesleyan University.

From when it was established, Middletown has remained Middlesex’s county seat since 1785 – until when it was eliminated by the government that presided over the county back in 1960. According to the last consensus, which was made in 2010, Middletown had a population of 47,648. Apart from that, Middletown has been considered as being the southernmost city in the in the Hartford-Springfield Knowledge Corridor Metropolitan Region.
Combining the population of the metropolitan regions, the population now stands at 1.9 million people.


At the time when the Middletown was known as Mattabesek, the place saw a steady immigration of European settlers, the Mattabesetts were formed a large part of the total group in a form of several tribes, with a central chief of named Sowheag.

Colonial settlement plans of these tribes were made by the General Court in 1646. And European settlers arrived in Mattabesek around 1650. The name of the town was kept Middletown specifically because of the fact that it roughly halfway between Saybrook and Windsor, both located on the Great River.
The Pequot Mohegans at that time enjoyed a friendly alliance with the Europeans and colonists. Mohegans revolted against the Mattabesett as well as other tribes.

Infrastructure and Government:

Middletown houses the headquarters of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, which was formerly known as Connecticut Department of Public Safety.

Middletown in the Present

The modern Middletown city emphasizes more on the providing and taking care of the needs of its residents with the commercial development needed to aid in the funding of services. The city has thrived under the planning and careful eye and care of Democrat and Mayor of the city, Domenique S Thornton. He was mayor of the city for a record number of 8 years, serving consecutive, back to back terms.