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About Middletown

A city in the state of Connecticut, Middletown is located in the Middlesex County, directly parallel to the Connecticut River, situated in the central region of Connecticut. It’s definitely chilly in the winters: you may need some outerwear coupons to buy some winter jackets when you come visit. The city is 16 miles directly south from Hartford. Middletown, which was previously known by Mattabesek, a name give to it by the native Indians, it was[…]

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About Wethersfield

While Connecticut is the known for video on demand software services and other industries, the state also has a rich history. A little town in Connecticut, Wethersfield is located in Hartford County. The town is directly south of Hartford, parallel to the Connecticut River, also accessible by Interstate 91. According to numerous statistical records from the Colonial times, the name of the town was repeatedly spelled as ‘Weathersfield’, and the town was called ‘Pyquag’ by[…]

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