Why You Should Travel to Next-Door New York This Christmas.

Christmas, in Manhattan, New York

Bordering the great state of Connecticut is a place people come from all over the world to celebrate Christmas: New York city. From ice skating at Rockefeller Center to shopping at the historic Macy’s building, New York makes a snowy Christmas feel a little extra special. If you use a discount code from CouponFly, you can get there in a couple of hours.

Why It’s a Favorite

     New York City is always a colorful place to take photos, but especially about Christmas time.  It is one of the top financial centers of the world, but also a historic place, fill of holiday color and shopping opportunities.  Popular sites within walking distance include Herald Square, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and well-known department stores on the east side of town.  The strip from Herald Square to Times Square is particularly animated and mobbed with crowds from all over the world around Christmas.  The lights and sounds of Times Square are internationally famous, but the Herald Square area around Macy’s Department store can be equally impressive.  What makes this an exciting place to take photos is not necessarily one landmark or historic site, but it is the atmosphere, and the excitement of the crowds.

     The energy of the city or more specifically, the island of Manhattan is definitely around shopping.  The lights and decorations appeal to people of all ages, though there is also an attempt to appeal to children and to the child within all of us.  Even in non-commercial areas, displays of Christmas trees and other associated images abound.  The office building lobby in the photograph is located on 7th Avenue between Herald Square and Times Square, around West 38th Street.  The toy soldier model is easily recognizable with a background of large blocks and a holiday tree, even looking from outside, through a locked door after hours.  

Photo Opportunities

     The photo of the consumer Mecca known as Bloomingdale’s department store is located at  East 59th St. and Lexington Ave.  It is on the east side of Manhattan while the other locations are on the west side of the island.  However, a walk from Herald Square (34th St.) to Bloomingdale’s is only about 30 blocks, including the distance across town and the weather before Christmas is often quite mild. While the Westside locations cater more to the masses, the Eastside has a reputation of appealing to a more exclusive, snobbier crowd.  The white sports car in the forefront indicates the type of person who may be dropped off, or have someone waiting for them, while they make a quick grab for that special Christmas present they can buy at Bloomingdale’s.  

     The photos convey the confluence of a fast paced modern lifestyle with older traditions and ornate historic buildings.  Both the Macy’s store, one of the largest department stores in the world and the Bloomingdale’s store were built over eighty years ago, in the old pre-World War II neo-classic style, with well defined building lines and high ceilings. 

These are the original stores of these companies, that have built branch stores all over the United States, and are known all over the world. Likewise, the toy soldier, and the large replicas of children’s blocks and Christmas tree, and their reflections in the glass, reflect and older and simpler time and also simpler pleasures.  All of these places are special, because they pierce the anonymity of skyscrapers filled with law firms and financial houses, with well known images of Manhattan landmarks.